My first ever painted models.

I started painting when my dear hubby took me to the hobby night at our store. He let me to paint flames on his Legion of the Damned guys. I was hooked.
I always was very crafty and painting was one of my favorite things to do. So having little plastic guys painted fascinated me.
I still have a picture of my first box with the squad of Grey Knights.IMG_3984

I picked them because I thought they are “the prettiest”. I didnt know WH40K rules yet, didnt see their codex. I just liked silver shiny noble looking warriors.

So there it began.


I had plenty of trouble in assembling my little guys. Probably because I did not pay any attention to two-handed weapon and certain arms I had to use with it- I just clipped the whole thing and mixed them up. Genius, right?

After few days of figuring out what goes where I’ve been taught to magical world of “drybrushing”. Leadbelcher-Ironbraker- Runefang steel. ( I still basecoat my GK army that way. Shame! Not very professional, but gets the job done and models- tabletop ready).



I didn’t want classic blue colors on them – so my swords were blazing red, eyes too. I know, I know, it doesn’t really work with the fluff, but I like it that way.
By now I owe about 5000 points of Grey knights army with red eyes and blazing swords. I enjoy playing them, even it is hard, since they didn’t get much love from GW with the last codex. They are still great and noble warriors. For the Emperor! 

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