3D printed Pip-boy.

Fallout 4 is out! Yay! Finally! After all these years.

We did not get limited edition. So guys at That Computer Store decided to print it.

I have no idea where they got the files for the printer and how long it took , but I’ve been told that I am painting it. Yay! Something exciting!

That is what I got in the beginning:


I primed it with Valejo black and base coat was GW Air Death World Forest.




Weathering part was most fun. I used GW Leadbelcher and Valejo Armour Brown.

Here is the result:

DSCN6039 DSCN6031

It was printed Nexus 4 phone and Galaxy S3, so the phone I have in there on the pictures doesn’t quite fit.
We wired it with LED lamp so you can turn the lights on.
I am certainly proud of it! 🙂

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