Inquisitor Karamazov

There are models I like to spend my time with. Intricate, interesting or beautiful sculpts I get my hands on. One of my first favorites few years ago was Inquisitor Karamazov.

I got Inquisitor as a Christmas present and I was very very happy about it. Look at the model! It is a dude on a giant marble walking chair and his trustful minions. Is not it amazing?


I just wish Games Workshop would make him in plastic. That would be the best.

I painted the sword red to match my GK army.

The marble was a lot of fun.


The base was my first something more complicated than just cork and sand.

I enjoyed painting that model. I would do some things differently now and fixed some mistakes I made, but overall I am happy with the model.

One thought on “Inquisitor Karamazov

  1. Bub excellent job on the sculpt, curious what you would change in retrospect?

    If there was ever an imperial sculpt to get me into 40k it’s this guy.


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