How to magnetize an Imperial Knight. Part 3: Replaceable arms.

In the third post of the “Magnet Magic” series I would like to tell you about magnetizing Knight’s arms. It will let you switch between close combat weapons (Chainsword and Gauntlet)  and the cannons.

You will need :

  • 4 3/8″x1/16″ magnets
  • 2 1/4×1/16″ magnets
  • Superglue
  • X-acto knife (sharp one)
  • Green stuff (optional)
  • A file

You will need to assemble model’s arms. You can follow section 14a of the instruction book. If you want replaceable arms on your knight you should stop before proceeding to the section 14b and cut and file the peg on part #97, which is supposed to be holding the rest of the arm.


Glue a smaller magnet in place of that peg.


I suggest you do the same with the left arm. It is part #97 of the kit. You will need to file and cut the same peg and glue the smaller magnet in place of it. Watch the polarity. It has to be the same if you want fully replaceable arms.

After that we will need to work with weapons/hands options. In the new kit you can get “Reaper chainsword”, “Thunderstrike gauntlet” “Rapid-fire battle cannon/ Thermal cannon” (we will magnetize those later)” and  “Avenger gatling canon”.

Instructions on building “Reaper chainsword” are sections 15-16 in the instruction book.  You will need to follow 16a and 16b for chainsword assembly. And before you proceed to the section 16c – you will need to glue a bigger magnet inside that arm. (Part#34 and #35 of the kit) Glue a magnet inside part#34. Check the picture below for the reference. You can reinforce the magnet with green stuff if you wish. After the magnet is set – glue parts #34 and #35 together, following instructions.

DSCN6081 DSCN6085


The next step will be the same for “Rapid-fire battle cannon/ Thermal cannon”. It is section 10 in the instruction book. Before gluing parts#21 and #20 – glue a bigger magnet inside. It fits very snug in there, but again, you can reinforce it with green stuff. It should look the same as the pictures above. Don’t build the cannon yet, I have tutorial for magnetizing “Rapid-fire battle cannon” and “Thermal cannon” coming.

Aaaand repeat with “Avenger gatling canon”.  Section 9 in the instruction book. Glue the magnet inside part #A11 and after it is set glue #A11 and #A12 together. Proceed with the canon building. (Section 9c-9f in the instructions book).

Last but not least we need to magnetize the “Thunderstrike gauntlet.” Refer to section 15 and 17 in the instructions book.  Before following instructions 17a glue a bigger magnet inside part #A54, and then glue #A54 and #A55 together.


Proceed with the building of the gauntlet.

If you have any comments or questions do not hesitate to leave them in the comments section below.

Thank you and see you soon!

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  1. This is a good tutorial! 😀
    I am wondering if you could please tell me what sizes those magnets are in millimetres?

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