Completed Eldar jetbikes and Farseer Skyrunner.

My recent completed work is the squad of Eldar jet bikes and Farseer skyrunner.

The main idea for color scheme was Mymeara craftworld. That is where I got the blue and green color scheme.  But then, I saw all that empty space I could use on the front of the bikes and decided to let myself play a bit with a free hand. It is my army, so I can do whatever my heart desires on them, right?

I used the technique similar to the one in decorative painting.

I have never planned on making them look like they just came out of “Frozen” cartoon, but they do look a bit like Elsa would ride one. Oh well, now I can call them “my snowflakes”.

I haven’t had a chance to play them yet and I am looking forward to completing the army in that color scheme.

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