Eldar Harlequins and Eldrad Ulthran

Today I have two updates!

I finished sir mister Eldrad Ulthran for Facebook group competition at the end of August. Got the second place, very happy about it!

The base is the same as all my Doom of Mymeara Eldar.  For him, I did NMM, thought he deserves it being 10000 years old magic awesome dude and all that glorious.

I had a lot of fun blending clothes and blues. Great little project!


And tonight I finished harlequins. That is first painted squad for my army. I had “steampunky” color scheme in my mind for a while. Even got the decals for the bikes and voidweavers.

I decided not to do non-metallic metal on them, remembering that I have an army to finish.

Also, I am very glad that I fixed the issue with them being kinda tall and to light and flipping over all the time. Now, they have metal gears to keep them steady 🙂

2 thoughts on “Eldar Harlequins and Eldrad Ulthran

    1. Hey! Thank you for kind words.
      I do commissions- I don’t have any open spots yet, but I can let you know when I will!

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