The light talk.

Today I won’t show you pictures of my finished models, although “Paint ’til you drop” still a motto.

Today I want to talk to you about the light. The lamps and how much you need it. No, really!

I mean, how do you expect to get good at painting if you can’t see what you are doing?

In a perfect world, all of us would have awesome white studios with giant windows and mostly gentle overcast light coming trough when we are painting. But we are not in a perfect world and a lot of us painting at night.

That is when you need a good lamp. What is a good lamp? For me, it is the lamp with good bright light, and that won’t change the colors of my paints or keep me squinting all the time, trying to see my miniature.

I had several setups in my painting life, and it was always daylight lamps. It all depends on how much space you have and where you paint.

First one was when I just started, and I had two small lamps on both sides of my hobby station:

On the left, I had tiny-meeny KEDSUM Dimmable LED Desk Lamp,5 Lighting Modes,5-Level Dimmer ,Clip Light Clamp On Book Lamp ,Touch Control Panel, Flexible Gooseneck 7 Watt (Black) . It is the most compact and inexpensive version in my opinion. It also has a clamp you can use to attach to your table or hobby station:


Another one was on the right. That one is our most favorite for the hobby. We have a bunch of them at the store for hobby stations too. It is Natural Full Spectrum DayLight Lighting Desk Lamp Pure Sun Light 27W (White). It is the boss of all the small size daylight lamps:



And look at the amount of light I was getting from those two babies:
























Or you can use it for your photography ( just tape parchment paper on them to soften the light).

That is all you need to have decent lighted miniatures. And the backgrounds (99c from Michaels):


And when you are ready to expand your hobby setup I suggest you try that big boy:

It is Daylight U32500 Triple Bright Lamp, White . It is a serious business lamp.Look into it if you want to make yourself a present, for an awesome finished commission. Or get your girlfriend to get you one for Christmas! That one will make you happy:


It also comes with the clamp that you use to attach it to the table. Huge space saver! And with that lamp on top and two small ones on the side I got my new photography setup. ( But that is a lot of lamps already! 😀 Probably way too much! )


Forgive me for the long post; I felt I had a lot to say about the lamp business 🙂 Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to ask. And share with your friends!
Thank you!

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