Finished Ghetorix and forest base tutorial.

I am absolutely in love with the new Ghetorix model from Privateer Press. Its dynamic and powerful pose has so much potential and conveys the absolute fury of the Circle Orboros.

I used Scale75 paints mostly. And below, you can check out how the base is made.


 I did not make a competition level base. This model is for gaming, so it is fairly simple.

Ghetorix is already standing on a sculpted rock, which made my job easier. I started with my basing materials on the table, in order to look at my options. As you can see, all of it is from Basecrafts. They basically just pack Woodland Scenics in the kits, adding a few things, which is extremely useful. Alternately, you can get almost all of it from Amazon. For this base I used:

Fine Turf Earth

Fine Turf Soil

Light Green Coarse Turf

Green Foliage

Scenic Spray Glue ( I love it! )

Elmer’s Glue!!!


I checked the alignment with the dry fit, and put another model from the same army nearby for reference.



Next, I took all my favorite grays:

You can pick your favorite gray. You are painting rocks, don’t overthink it! Just go with what your heart desires!
I wanted neutral grays, so I decided on Anthracite Grey and Graphite from Scale75. My heart belongs to Scalecolor, so that was easy. Paint the rock with your darkest gray.

If you are doing a base for another model, you don’t have to have a rock. Use whatever you can find in your basing materials. Or get outside and find one. It’s a rock. Again, don’t overthink it!
After you paint it gray – get your favorite washes out. I like using different washes for different parts of the base; it makes it look more natural:

Thin your washes, don’t let it pool too much anywhere. Let the washes dry:

Next, I mixed my Graphite Grey into the Anthracite Grey and did a bit of layering, finishing up with the pure Graphite.
When I was done painting the rock, I glued the model to the base, got my reference model, and got my basing materials ready.

I like diversity on the base, so I typically apply just a little bit of glue on one part of the base and add whatever basing I want there. Then I do the same with the next part of the base:


You can see that I used a lot of turfs. I found it very useful to spray it with “Scenic spray glue” from Woodland Scenics. It makes the stuff soaking wet, but easy to move and handle. When dried, it is invisible, and the turf becomes hard and sturdy, which is great if you are planning on using your model for games.

The last part is the leaves:

That stuff you can find in parks. So go outside and look for awesome basing materials!

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